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The Importance of Feng Shui Front Door

Front door is the facade of our residences, also the throat of family luck where the family fortune and luck come in and out. Therefore, the front door is the most important element not to be ignored in house Feng Shui. When you come in and out of your main gate every day, you will be affected by the front door Feng Shui. The main door with good Feng Shui can improve the owner's fortune, so what are the Feng Shui principles for the front door?

Outside The Front Door

● Just like the forehead of people, the area outside the front door shall be flat, open and bright to bring you good luck and fortune. The open area can lead luck and fortune into the house smoothly for your family prosperity. The area outside the front door shall not be uneven or have barriers.

● If the road outside your main door is getting broader, it suggests that you will have a bright future and your family is likely to ride on the crest of success.

● In addition, the area outside the front door shall not face other ominous objects, such as stair, elevator, sharp-cornered building or large-scale building:

The front door facing a stair, especially a downward stair, is a dangerous Feng Shui pattern because once the door is open, the family luck, especially wealth, will flow outside like the water flows downhill. This pattern will largely affect your wealth, making it hard for you to earn. Cures: You can place plants with broad leaves to import good fortune or use a screen to block the evil spirit.

The large-scale or towering buildings will affect your wealth invisibly, block the light, and influence your wealth because you cannot have enough rest due to the noisy environment nearby.

● The front door shall not face the lamp pole, big tree or traffic sign; otherwise, you will have unstable family luck, be plotted by the villain, have disobedient children or suffer from bloody disaster.

● The front door shall not face your neighbour's front door; otherwise, you cannot get along well with your neighbour and may easily have disputes; also, you will lack privacy psychologically.

Front Door Direction
Particular attention should be paid to the house direction in Feng Shui. South-facing and east-facing houses can fully embrace the sunshine, thus have the best direction. But this is only the general principle and it is not suitable for everyone.

Front Door Itself

The front door itself shall have proper size; if it is too large, the Qi cannot be gathered because it violates the Feng Shui principle of hiding wind and gathering Qi. If it is too small, however, the effect of gathering Qi will be affected.

● The facade of the main door shall not be uneven or apply too many design and decoration elements because this kind of design is poor in Feng Shui.

● The front door shall be solid rather than hollow. The door frame shall be replaced immediately once it’s distorted.

● The front door shall be new rather than old and obsolete.

The front door shall not be in semicircle or arch, or it will be like a tombstone, thus inauspicious.

The colour of the front door had better match the owner’s favourable element. You are suggested to seek help from a Feng Shui master to know your favourable element.

● If your favourable element is Metal, the auspicious gate colours include white, gold, silver, green, cyan, yellow and brown.

● For those favours more wood, the gate colour should be green, green, cyan, yellow, coffee, brown, grey or blue.

● If you favour more water element, you’d better use grey, blue, red, orange, white, gold or silver as your gate colour.

● If your favourable element is Fire, you’d better use red, orange, white, gold, silver, cyan or green colour as the main colour of the gate.

● If your favourable element is Earth, the right gate colours include yellow, brown, grey, blue, red and orange.

● The front door shall not have a beam above. That is to say, if you see a beam above your head once you enter the front door, you may feel the beam will fall down at any time, making you depressed and unsafe, thus ominous.

● You may put water, water plants or flowers near the main gate. In this way, you can smell the fragrance and feel refreshed once you enter the door.

Inside The Front Door
● The area inside the front door is also a treasured place not to be ignored for prosperity. The entryway at the door is a place of hiding wind and gathering Qi and you can place some plants with broad leaves or a Feng Shui wheel to bring you wealth.

● The area inside the front door shall be decorated with vigorous things in green or red. Here, red refers to the festive decorations while green refers to the fresh plants.

● The area inside the main door shall not be used as a kitchen or bathroom or have a mirror because the kitchen will burn the wealth, the bathroom will have mephitis while the mirror will reflect the fortune and good luck away.

● The front door shall not face the bedroom door because the bedroom is private and it is improper to allow a clear view of the privacy. In addition, the air will flow into the bedroom directly once the door is open which is adverse to your health. You can hang a screen or a bead curtain between as a cure.