The 12 Steps to Happiness


Happiness is something we create, it is not something to achieve. It is a path you choose, not a destination to arrive at.



So many of us spend our time in pursuit of happiness, yet instead of searching for it, we need to find ways to live it, embrace it and implement it into our daily lives.

12 Steps to Happiness

1.  Thank someone and be appreciative toward your spouse, family and

     friends, every single day.

2.  Give something to another person or make it possible for others to offer


3.  Help someone who is in need of assistance, or enable colleagues to help

     each other.

4.  Eat well, and make good, healthy foods easily available for everyone.

5.  Exercise and work out regularly and make it easy for people to take care

     of their bodies.

6.  Rest well, sleep sufficiently, and enable spouse, family and friends to

     refresh their minds.

7.  Experience new things, try stuff out, and let people run all kinds of


8.  Hike outdoors, enjoy nature, and allow people an escape from the home

     and the city.

9.  Meditate and get people to learn and adapt mindfulness practices.

10 Socialize, relate to other people and make it easy for spouse, family and

     friends to develop connections.

11 Aim for a goal and get people to understand and realise their own


12 Smile whenever you can, appreciate humour, and get your spouse, family

     and friends to engage in fun activities.