Calming Energy from the Singing Bowl

What is singing bowl therapy? Singing bowls are bowls used to promote relaxation. They produce sounds and vibrations when hit or circled with a mallet. Those sounds and vibrations are supposed to help you relax. 

The singing bowl is unique in that it also touches on the sense of sounds like wind chimes and water fountains.

I have a friend who was an ASP at Changi Prison, Singapore, he had an unpleasant job, was in charge of the death row prisoners. When they were admitted as death row prisoners, he gets to meet them and counsel them.

He was a devout Buddhist, took a serious view of their demise, cared for their afterlife by getting them to settle their earthly issues with their family and friends. After a few unsuccessful appeals, the prisoners get to face the gallow by hanging. Again he was in charge of the execution, 3 prison wardens get to press 3 buttons ( so no one knows the actual button that releases the door) to release the trap door, releasing the condemned prison to their doom.

After each execution, he would retreat home to his completely dark music studio, listening to soothing music to calm his nerves for 4-5 hours. Later I introduced him to use the "Singing Bowl", that I gifted to him. As a sincere Buddhist, he used it that resulted in achieving greater relaxation and calming of his mind that he could achieve in 1-2 hours.

It stands out from the use of sound to interact with the surrounding environment rather than from physical placement.

To clarify various sources of information found online that creates confusion, the singing bowl has the ability to purify energy around a space to create a harmonious balance of yin and yang.

This does not necessarily mean a balanced amount of yin and yang. But rather states that has balanced energy.

Spaces that have been cleansed by sounds of the bowl will have it’s energy influenced like how a folded blanket straightens out when you hold two corners and fling it in the air.

These energies that have been balanced out makes it easier for people to draw on them. Just like how certain medications are better taken orally, via a nasal spray, physical application, etc.

Using singing bowls will not mean an inability to benefit from feng shui, the use of it is regarded as an incremental improvement than without.

They are most often used for meditation rooms, zen rooms, spiritual rooms, and other living areas such as the living room and bedroom when required. While these are all indoor spaces, they are sometimes used in outdoor areas as well depending on its capabilities and range.

Choosing the right singing bowl

The specifications of a singing bowl have to conform to certain standards. Otherwise, any rice bowl or salad bowl can be used as one.







One that is used for space cleaning is said to be made of an alloy consisting of 7 types of metal:

  1. Gold

  2. Silver

  3. Zinc

  4. Copper

  5. Iron

  6. Tin

  7. Lead

Gold represents the sun. Silver is a reflection of the moon. Zinc is associated with Mercury. Copper symbolizes Venus. Iron is linked to Mars. Tin is related to Jupiter. And lead is the stands for Saturn.

For normal residential use, the dimensions of the bowl should also be approximately 4 inches in diameter and about 1¾ inch in depth. Bigger ones for larger spaces are often fabricated with diameters of 5 inches, 6 inches and 6.5 inches, with a depth of about 2 inches to 2½ inches.

Because these items are not fully machine-made, different bowls can have varying degrees of differences between them. This means that different bowls can produce different harmonics, giving them their own personality. Even so, they still serve the main purpose of cleansing the energy within a space.

While there is a default design for patterns on the surface that is used very often, they are often designed with symbols and ancient inscription.

The best singing bowls are after all, supposedly forged by master craftsmen of Kathmandu, Tibet. Many stores also advertise their bowls of Tibetan origin.

The pitch and sound of a bowl are highly influenced by its depth. rim size, and the sturdiness of the bowl.

Using the singing bowl

To use the singing bowl for space cleansing, first, wake up the bowl by striking it once with the wooden mallet that comes with it.

You can continue with this gentle striking as you move about the room or house in a clockwise direction. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different methods to create sound from the bowl.

As the bowl is vibrating, try touching or rubbing different areas of the bowl with the mallet and feel the different tones. Touch the rim and feel the change again.

You can also go around the rim in a clockwise circular motion with the mallet to create a different wave of sound.