Beige House

Buying a new House

Choosing the new house in Feng Shui is of vital importance to your health and luck. What should be considered in building and buying a house with favourable Feng Shui? In addition to the geographic orientation, the external environment and internal layout are also very important since they determine good Feng Shui.

1.  Site Selection
The good location is conducive to the overall development. The house should not be built on the ridge, at the valley gateway, on the cliffside, at the river outlet, next to an overbridge or highway, in a cul-de-sac, or at a 'T' road intersection. Also, the location with frequent accidents before should be avoided. Because the house in these places may easily lead to natural and man-made disasters, and various diseases, thus adverse to your health.

2.  Direction
The direction decides the orientation of a house. The most auspicious house direction in Feng Shui is south-facing, which is good for light, Qi absorption and family harmony. The poor orientation may lead to family illness and you living in will feel uncomfortable, even have your offspring affected. Of course, the orientation can be decided according to your fate. For example, if you have Yang and fire Element, southwest is the preferred direction. It is beneficial to strengthen the magnetic field of your house and brings you good Feng Shui fortune.

3.  External Environment
The Feng Shui of the external environment determines the internal Qi absorption. For example, if the house leans against something behind and the front is open and bright, it has an advantageous aura field; if it leans against a building or peak, it has an even better aura field. Without a building or blockage ahead, the house has a favourable Qi absorption. Surroundings of the house, of course, should not be hospital, temple or graveyard. Also, lamp pole, wire pole, etc. should be avoided in front of your gate, or your wealth and health will be affected.

4.  Internal Environment
You should pay special attention to your front door. In building or buying a house, you should notice whether the front door has Feng Shui taboos, such as out of the door is right a road; entering the door is a kitchen or bathroom, which may lead to financial losses. The entrance of the house should not face the main building's gate and the indoor stair should not face the gate because such a house is unfavourable to accumulate wealth according to the folk Feng Shui theory. The door should not face the hallway because it is adverse to living and family members. The window should not be outside the hallway to void the leakage of family wealth.

5.  Overall Shape of the House
The house should be square, regular, symmetrical and flat. The triangle or irregular house may lead to mental tension; from the perspective of traditional Chinese Feng Shui, this kind of house may easily lead to hassle, i.e. disharmony, including the disharmony with people and things. So the regular house shape is very important in terms of Feng Shui.

6.  Taboos
● Generally, the construction of the foundation shall be commenced on an auspicious day, not at the beginning or end of a month. The day should be sunny rather than rainy because the sunny day brings harmony while the rainy day leads to the loss of wealth.

● When there is a pregnant woman in your family, you should not start renovation which may lead to abortion.

● The house should not be higher than the surrounding buildings. From the perspective of reality, this kind of house is more risk-prone, such as fire, wind and air attack. Also, such houses have no tall buildings to block part of sunshine, thus in excessive Yang causing Yin deficiency or conflicting Yin and Yang which affects the family health.

● The house should not have a big tree in front because it blocks the sunshine and absorbs Yang which cannot enter into the house, making the house have too much Yin. Also, a big tree may lead to a thunder strike. If you need a big tree, you can plant it in the northwest of the house to protect your family. However, you should remember that never cut down the tree in this direction.

● The house should not have a dead tree in front, even if it is not big, because a dead tree is harmful to the aged in terms of Feng Shui and it should be eradicated.

● The house site lower in front and higher rear is auspicious, otherwise ominous because the Feng Shui masters believe this may lead to a disharmonious relationship with the neighbours.